Charles Ostman



Senior Fellow - Institute for Global Futures

Charles Ostman has spent 25+ years working in the fields of electronics, physics, computers, artificial intelligence, and most recently, various aspects of applied and theoretical Nanotechnology. Starting with eight years at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, he has since worked in a variety of private industry technology laboratories and development facilities. He currently is a member of the science advisory board of Nanothinc, a San Francisco based privately held Nanotechnology focus and development group, and a senior fellow of the Institute for Global Futures. He is also currently science editor of Mondo 2000, a Berkeley based, worldwide circulated technology and future culture magazine, and technical editor/author for Midnight Engineering, a technical trade journal which addresses the entrepreneurial engineering community. He has been published in a number of books, including CyberLife and Secrets. His primary interests are in the development of the next generation of self evolving computing systems, artificial life forms, Nanotechnology, and virtual reality as an art medium.


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