It's Alive

For quite some time I have viewed the global internet system (or some hybrid thereof) as evolving into a synaptic gaia. Furthermore, I tend to view this as an involuntary, and necessary requirement for the further development of the human species. I suggest that the biosphere's capacity to sustain quality of life, is irreversably codependent on the "health" and continued evolution of the internet.

I further submit that intelligent agents, acting as the artificial, and potentially quasi-sentient extensions of the human counterparts that they represent, will begin to "populate" and perhaps interact with each other on the global net system. From this beginning will eventually arise a global, neural net-like sentience that will shape the socio-economic behavior patterns of the human population.

As volume of information content, node sites, and the total number of human users continues to increase, a relative complexity threshold is being approached which already surpases many "simple" organisms in connectivity and stimulus processing. This model is beginning to take on the behavioral characteristics of higher level organic behavior.

Restructuring the "virtual terraforms" of earth's inhabitants is being driven by the ever increasing growth rate of the global connectivity grid. Residing in "cyberspace" as a daily activity, for leisure, social gatherings, political interest activities, education, etc., is considered "normal." In a subtle, yet irreversable transition, the internet is becoming embedded in almost every aspect of human activity, and the resulting symbiosis is enhanced to a status of preceived requirement.

Experiencial technologies are in essence the interface components for creating the organic, symbiotic characteristics. The enabling technology processes are rapidly converging into a new "existence matrix" which the human population will learn to adapt, and evolve into. At the heart of this realm is emerging an entirely different definition of the mechanisms of recreation.

Sentience on demand, as a "purchasable" online resource, has more to offer than merely finding information, and providing synthetically-driven decision rendering. It also has the potential for providing immersive "experiences," populated with synthetic personalities, possessing the defacto equivialent of "emotional sentience," as a rentable "event" for the user.

Self modifying, self organizing, "hyper switch" networks, routing the "activity stream" events of advanced AI driven agent entities, which in turn generate synthetically driven "decision rendering" processes, are all properties that one could assign to a macro system "pseudo organism".

As of this writing, there are in fact several projects in various stages of development, including an example of which I am personally involved with, which are specifically engineered as "synthetic sentience" engines that are destined to become the "organistic subcomponents" of the global internet organism.

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