The world is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere, and the surface is nowhere Blaise Pascal

It is here, at this event horizon, that we, the human species, evolve into a realm where the interface boundary between the real and virtual, the organic and the synthetic, become seamlessly infused into an irreversable, ever evolving symbiosis of our own creation, and what evolves henceforth

Charles Ostman

"Strategic Synergist" - Research, technology development, author, lecturer, and, just perhaps, "virtual artist".

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The Eventstream . . .

The existence manifold of the human inhabitants, enmeshed within the symbiotic tissue substrate of the ubiquitous connectivity grid, is consumated by the implementation of direct interface "process linkage", in which the perception of the real and the virtual become interchangable, and eventually, imperceivable.

As a process node embedded within the eventstream of our collective socio-economic and anthropological evolution, we begin first by creating various synthetic entities, as the interactive, analytical, and decision rendering components of an evermore complex telecommunications dependant process brokeraging infrastructure upon which the economic engines of our current civilizations are required to rely.

Self organizing molecular substructures are the core components for synthetic brain entities, which in turn become the physical components for enabling synthetic sentience rendering as a process, enmeshed into a functionality matrix of contiguous, symbiotic co-existence

Synthetic brain engines, which themselves are nanomanufactured synthetic organism components, become interconnectable to the ubiquitous process brokeraging grid "ecology", which in turn develops synthetic sentience "process engines" into global scale macro entities.

Tangible, hard asset based based commodity driven economic systems become supplanted by a virtual asset based economic ecology, in which valuation is measured not by ownership of physical things, but rather by access to processes, of which synthetic sentience, and the intelligence stream for on demand nano-assembly, are the primary indices of valuation.

Our collective development and deployment of complex metasystems of artificial entities and synthetic lifeforms, and acceptance of them as an integral component of the operational "culture norm" of the near future, is in fact the precursory developmental increment, as an evolutionary enabling procedure, to gain effective communicative access to species (synthetic or "real") from worlds other than our own.

Spawning entities, flourishing on the Virtual Teraform

"Synthetic entities" have the potential of "spawning" an infinite variety of forms, structures, and textures not viewable via any other means.

Biota III - The program, themes, speakers

Presentation - The Anthropological Implications of Digital Biota

Explore the worlds of Digital Biota, where the integration of lifeforms, synthetic and real, form the anthropological ecology of the future

The history of the future is already evolving . . .

Interview by Peter Langeuin - Techno Marvels in the Making

presented at ALife VI - Artificial Life VI conference, UCLA, 1998 - Digital Biota Workshop / Aesthetics of Artificial Life Art Exhibit Aesthetic Exploration in the "Virtual Nature" of Synthetic Environments and Artificial Ecologies

The "Aesthetics of Artificial Life" expo event

ALife VI Conference - Nerve Garden, a Public Terrarium in Cyberspace

The world, as we currently know it to be, what it will become . . . the convergence, the "test", and beyond . . .Strategic Synergist - At the forefront of evolving technologies.

My ultimate focus is on the concept of nanotechnology representing the next great revolution, as an evolutionary threshold which will transform, but also test, the human civilization's capacity to adapt and evolve to this new realm. The substrate of socio-economic systems, valuation indices of commodities and currency systems, the status of industry base strata and their attendant distribution structures, which are already in a state of flux as this fabric is being drawn into the global connectivity grid, currently referred to as the internet, is only a precursory indicator of what the nanotechnology age is about to potentially create.

This entire genre' of development will evolve into an new socio-economic system substrate not conceivable by today's standards of reference. Various aspects of applied and theoretical nanotechnology, neural prosthesis and implantable interface devices, ubiqutous computing and process functionality domains as a virtual asset resource base accessable on the internet, the evolution of newly forming socio-economic substrate systems emminating from the "virtual terraform" . . . these are only a few of the key marker threshold points in an evolutionary event stream which are embedded into the existance matrices of the near future.

In my world, I am not merely an observer, who occassionally writes about such speculations, but rather, am a direct participant in some of the developmental processes which will make these very technologies and their eventual applications possible. It is my personal belief that a series of choices, decision boundaries to be negotiated, will soon become self apparent to the society at large.

This is the test, the "rights of passage" into and beyond the event horizon of the Next Millenium

Enter the Entity . . . from the virtual beyond . . . I surrender my belief barrier, enraptured

Charles Ostman

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