Evolution Into the Next Millennia - A World in Transition

Charles Ostman

For better or for worse, we will collectively know, well within our current lifetimes, and indeed, quite likely within a short handful of years, what these various test increments will consist of, how they will be negotiated, and what the outcome shall be. For many, the scale and complexity of such an endeavor may be far beyond the scope of their vision, or even comprehension. For those, however, who may be among the chosen who are gifted with such vision, in whatever capacity is specific to their personal skills, passions, and abilities, they carry both the gift of knowledge, but also the obligation of truth, which they then are called upon to attempt to manifest upon the existence matrix of the surrounding world. This is no easy, or trivial task.

No greater burden has ever been placed upon a smaller portion of the total population with a greater responsibility to implement such a manifestation of truth. That you are becoming ever more aware of a world in transition, and that you may become one of the entities which participates in the catalyzation of certain formative processes embedded within this manifold of transition, is in itself remarkable to behold, and make note of. I say this in all sincerity, because the world, as we currently know it to be, is very much is in a state of transition.

The world you see is perhaps via the lens of social interaction, societies and cultures forming on the horizonline of what I often refer to as the virtual terraform. The world I see does indeed possess this domain as one of its newly forming components, as indeed I have reflected upon in many ocassions in the past, particularly in regards to the human/internet symbiosis, and its "evolving", organic properties. But as a larger, macro-scale composite of synergistically co-dependant dynamics and interrelated process increments, these vectors emerge as primary indicator points of the transition threshold upon which we are now poised to transgress, and be tested by, as iterations of an evolutionary event stream we are designed to negotiate, and if successfully negotiated, we collectively emerge as a more robust organism.

Incremental marker points of human development have been recorded throughout the span of recorded history, as reference coordinates by which the scale, complexity, and velocity of such evolutionary development can be measured. Compression is now ocuring, however, in both temporal and functional domains. The incremental partitioning of major transitional thresholds which may have at one point been measured in terms of millenia, then centuries, and more recently, in decades, is now compressing down time spans of a few years, and perhaps in the near term, increments of months and weeks.

Proportional with an acceleration of temporal compression is an acceleration of functional complexity, or what I refer to here as the "convergence syndrome". As a process, events, technologies, belief systems, cultural and societal paradigms, even the very definitions of life itself, are becoming ever more interconnected and interdependant on a global scale. In this newly emerging domain, nothing is isolated or autonomous. As vector coordinates on an enormous existence matrix, in which all forms of life "here" (as it is currently interpreted to be), and in parallel domains, any perturbations within this matrix cause a wavefront to be propagated throughout this matrix, eventually affecting all of the other nodes embedded within.

All affectations of activity and process dynamics have an effect, and a counter effect, just as can be witnessed in the most fundamental rules of physics in the observable universe, but is now being translated upon the populations of the planet, and indeed, the planet itself. The interstitial graticule spacing of this existence matrix, or what might be referred to here as mesh granularity, is compressing as well, in direct proportion with the temporal compression, and functional complexity factors. Indeed, this proportional increase in mesh granularity of the existence matrix can be visualized as an topological index of trend status, and plotted as such, as an artifact of this process.

The acceleration vectors indicated by this composite of interacting dynamic factors in this existence matrix may be in a state of flux as to the precise rate of increase inherent in these indicators, but the trend topologies to be recognized in this matrix, and their associated rates of acceleration, do tend to suggest a culmination into a verticle vector, a singularity "convergence point" threshold boundary, at which point the critical mass of existance as it is currently understood to be will be extruded through a series of evolutionary "test" increments, each one of which representing an increase of amplitude in functional complexity, and a compression in temporal partitioning, greater than the increment preceding it. The outcome of this rapid succession of test increments, threshold boundaries to be encountered and negotiated, will determine whether we continue to the next great increment of evolutionary process, as an experiment on this particular world at this particular moment in time, or simply go into failure mode, perhaps to re-evolve to some new lifeform entity countless millennia from now. In terms of galactic, and indeed universal scale, this is not unusual at all, or even particularly significant.

We are but a speck of life, very much like a bit of plankton adrift in the sea of the universe. Other worlds and their respective lifeforms and ecosystems have evolved to levels of incremental development far beyond what can be currently witnessed here, and many others have no doubt lapsed into complete failure mode in far more relatively primitive stages of development.

What is significant, however, is that from the perspective of being here on this world, at this moment, is that never before in the known history of this world and its current inhabitants have the threshold of transition by which the very future of this current world are about to be determined and measured within the reach of its current inhabitants.

Current processes by which the current life support capacity of the biosphere may be suppressed into eventual system level failure mode:

1) Predatory manufacturing and industrial processes

2) Acceleration in consumption of non-renewable resources

3) Irreversible alterations to ecosystems, soil, oceans, atmosphere

4) Increased dispensation of hazardous materials, pathogens, mutagens

5) Situational dysfunction of societies, socio-economic systems and substrates

6) Hard asset based commodity systems decaying into irrecoverable debt vortices

Resources and processes currently existing, or in various stages of development:

1) "Manufactured" synthetic life forms, pseudomorphs, quasi-organic entities

2) Materialization of "virtual assets" via applied nanotechnology

3) Cybernetic and genetic modification of the human body

4) Synthetic sentience as a strategic resource

5) Infinitely scalable computational resource

6) Mind/machine interface

7) Human/internet symbiosis

8) Dissolution of the geographically defined autonomous nation state

9) Virtual asset based commodity systems

10) Knowledge conveyance as an interactive experiential process

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