NSF LIS Grant Pre-proposal: CVs of Principal Investigators and Co-PIs
Synthetic Ecosystems for Learning about the Living World

Curriculum Vitae
for Principal Investigators and Co-PIs

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For each PI and co-PI, a brief curriculum vitae, including a list of up to five relevant publications, a list of collaborators during the past five years, and other information deemed relevant (maximum of one page total). Please immediately forward your CV as text in an email, as an attached document (Word or RTF) or a web URL to

Confirmed Principal Investigators and Co-PIs

CLARK GUEST (Principal Investigator)
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Voice: 619-534-6549
University of Californial San DiegoFax: 619-534-1225
La Jolla, CA 92093-0407email:cguest@ucsd.edu


Ph. D. Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, Georgia, 1983

M.E.E. Rice University; Houston, Texas; 1976

B. S. Rice University; Houston, Texas; 1975

Teaching and Research Experience:

Professional Membership:

Honors and Awards:

Sigma Xi Outstanding Engineering Thesis Award (1984)

Recent Collaborators

Stephen Brodsky, Peggy Israel, Thomas Lee, Bart Kosko, Gary Marsden, Jeffrey McKinstry

Selected Publications

  1. Clark C. Guest, "Optical Additive Fuzzy Systems," Fuzzy Engineering, Bart Kosko, ed., pp. 387-399, Englewood Cliffs, NJ:Prentice Hall,1997.
  2. Thomas Y. P. Lee and Clark C. Guest, "A Parallel Channel Binocular Vision Neural Network Model," International Neural Network Society 1994 Annual Meeting, vol. 1, pp. I:559-I:604, June 1994.
  3. Peggy Israel, Thomas Lee, and Clark C. Guest, "Design of optoelectronic implementation of biological vision models," OSA Annual Meeting Technical Digest, 1992,(Optical Society of America, Washington, D. C., 1992) vol. 23, p. 40.
  4. Stephen A. Brodsky, Gary C. Marsden, and Clark C. Guest, "Optical matrix-vector implementation of the content addressable network," Applied Optics, vol. 32, pp1338-1345, March 10, 1993.
  5. Thomas Y. P. Lee and Clark C. Guest, "A Binocular Interaction Neural Network Model Using Parallel Channel Architechture," Proc. S.P.I.E., vol. 1915, Feb. 1993.

Additional Information

The fuzzy dynamical maps (FDMs) that we have developed can be used to simulate the behavior of a single organism or an entire complex ecosystem and drive its on-screen graphical representation. The conceptually simple programming interface to FDMs will allow students to understand the forces behind the behavior of supplied organisms/systems and to easily modify those forces and view the results. Very elegant hypothesis-experiment-conclusion exercises can be run on these systems.

CAROL A. KERNEY (Principal Investigator)
Technology/Magnet Resource Teacher
San Diego Unified School DistrictVoice (619) 279-6550
Linda Vista and Fremont Elementary Schools Fax (619) 268-3064
9713 Caminito Del Marfilemail: ckerney_lv@aol.com
San Diego CA 92124

Faculty Positions

Previous Positions:


M.A. - Educational Technology - San Diego State University - 1991

M.A. - Spanish - Texas Tech University - 1970

B.A. - Spanish/German - Texas Tech University - 1966

Awards, Honors, Recognition, Educational Leadership:

Five Recent Publications:

Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E.) Journal - "Merging Multimedia with Magnet School Marketing" - 1992

Technology and Teacher Education Annual, 1993 - "Marketing Schools Through Multimedia: How San Diego Magnet Schools "Sell" Themselves to the Public Using Technology" - 1993

Technology and Teacher Education Annual, 1993 - "How Soon Will Teachers use Virtual Reality in the Classroom?" - 1993

International Spectrum - "Virtual Reality - Real or Surreal?" - 1993

The Distance Educator - "Is Virtual Reality a Reality in Education?" - 1995

JERRY FJERMESTAD (Co-Principal Investigator)
Department of Computer and Information Science
New Jersey Institute of Tech
Newark, N.J. 07102
(201) 596-3388

Faculty Appointments


Five Recent Publications Related to Project

Other Publications and Presentations

Other Collaborators during the past 48 months:

Professional Honors

AJAZ R. RANA (Co-Principal Investigator)
Assistant Professor & Director CIS Distance Instruction
Computer and Information SciencePhone: (201) 596-2661
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyFax: (201) 596-5777
University HeightsE-mail: rana@cis.njit.edu
Newark, NJ 07102

Faculty Appointments:


Five Recent Publications Related to the Project:

Rana, A. R., Turoff, M. & Hiltz, S. R. (1997) Task and Technology Interaction (TTI): A Theory of Technological Support for Group Tasks. Proceedings of the 30th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Rana, A. R. & Bieber, M. (1997) Towards a Collaborative Hypermedia Educational Framework. Proceedings of the 30th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Rana, A. R., Whitescarver, J., Godala, S. & Aljallad, F. (1996) From Isolation to Collaboration: A WWW based Peer Review System. Proceedings of 2nd Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Rana, A. R., Turoff, M. & Czech, R. (1996) Inquiring Systems Validation Approaches as Determinants of Media Richness for Technology Supported Group Work. Proceedings of 2nd Americas Conference on

Information Systems.

Hiltz, S. R., Dufner, D., Fjermestad, J., Rana, A. R. & Turoff, M. (1996) Distributed Group Support Systems: Theory Development and Experimentation. Book chapter: Olsen, B. M., Smith, J. B. & Malone, T., eds., Coordination Theory and Collaboration Technology, Hillsdale NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Association.

Other Publications and Presentations:

. Turoff, M., Hiltz, S. R., Bhagat, A. & Rana, A. R. (1993) Distributed Group Support Systems. MIS Quarterly, December 1993.

. Rana, A. R., Wooster, J., Whitescarver, J. & Hiltz, S. R. (1996) From Virtual Classroom to Hypermedia Virtual Classroom. Proceedings of 2nd Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Czech, R. & Rana, A. R. (1996) Society of Objects. Proceedings of 2nd Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Rana, A. R., Turoff, M. & Hiltz, S. R. (1996) Peer Review Process: A Group Support Systems Approach. Submitted for publication, under review.

Tanik, M., Yeh, R., Bieber, M., Kurfess, F., Liu, Q., McHugh, J., Rana, A., Rossak, W., & Ng, P. (1996) Issues and Architecture for Electronic Enterprise Engineering. Proceedings of the Integrated Design

and Process Technology, Vol. 2, pp. 57 - 62.

Other Collaborators during the past 48 months:

Raymond Yeh, Richard Hoffman, Steve Hanson

Professional Honors:

BRUCE DAMER (Program Manager and Principal Investigator)
Contact Consortium
343 Soquel Ave, Suite 70, Santa Cruz CA 95062-2305

Corporate and Faculty Positions:


Five Recent Publications Related to Project:

  1. Damer, B.F., "Avatars, Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet", Addison-Wesley Longman/Peachpit Press, forthcoming
  2. Damer, B.F., "Multi-User VRML Environments, Technology Review and Survey", VRMLSite, Cover, Feb 1997.
  3. Damer, B.F., "Inhabited Virtual Worlds, a New Frontier for Interaction Design", ACM interactions, Sept-Oct 1996, pp. 27-35.
  4. Damer, B.F., Kekenes, C., Hoffman, T., "Inhabited Digital Spaces", ACM CHI '96 Companion, pp. 9-10
  5. Damer, B.F., Kashani, K. "The Elixir Desktop", Xerox Publications, in print 1990 to present.

Other Presentations:

Collaborators during the past five years:

Professional Honors:

Professional Memberships:

Additional Information:

I have extensive product development and team leadership experience gained through projects for Xerox, IBM, Siemens-Nixdorf and other corporations. I have established software development laboratories in Europe and the USA and been in charge of large scale software architectures. The Elixir Desktop project allowed me to gain experience in transferring technology from the research environment (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center) to industrial and educational uses. This Star-based object desktop is currently in use by 25,000 commercial, government and educational institutions.

DEMETRI TERZOPOULOS (Principal Investigator)
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
6 King's College Road, Room 283(416) 978-7777; Fax: (416) 978-1455
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3H5 Canada email: dt@cs.toronto.edu



Awards And Honors:

Professional Honors and Activity:

Five Recent Publications Related to the Proposal:

  1. Terzopoulos, D., Tu, X., Grzeszczuk, R., "Artificial fishes: Autonomous locomotion, perception, behavior, and learning in a simulated physical world" Artificial Life, 1(4), December, 1994, 327-351.
  2. Terzopoulos, D., Rabie, T., Grzeszczuk, R., "Perception and learning in artificial animals," Artificial Life V: Proc. Fifth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, Nara, Japan, May, 1996, 313-320.
  3. Terzopoulos, D., Rabie, T., "Animat vision: Active vision with artificial animals," Proc. Fifth International Conf. on Computer Vision (ICCV'95), Cambridge, MA, June, 1995, 801-808.
  4. Grzeszczuk, D. Terzopoulos, "Automated learning of muscle-actuated locomotion through control abstraction," Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH'95 Conference, Los Angeles, CA, August, 1995, 63-70.
  5. Terzopoulos, D. Thalmann (eds.) "Computer Animation and Simulation," Springer-Verlag, New York, 1995. (ISBN 3-211-82738-2).

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