NSF LIS Grant Pre-proposal: Preliminary Schedule and Budget
Synthetic Ecosystems for Learning about the Living World

Preliminary Schedule and Budget
(more to be posted soon)
Find this document in Microsoft Word format at: budget.doc

For each PI and co-PI, please provide a rough breakdown of a preliminary budget of $50,000 to $100,000 annually for your needs to be a contributor to the project. We are going to request $500,000 per year for three years. We just need rough numbers, there is no need for detail or full descriptions at this point and the NSF will not be bind us to these numbers. Suggested standard NSF categories are:

Please immediately forward your preliminary budget as text in an email, as an attached document (Word or RTF) or a web URL to nsf-budgets@ccon.org. If you are running short of time, you may print this form, fill it out by hand and fax it to: (415) 357-1554.

Preliminary Project Schedule

Preliminary Project Budget Breadown Worksheets

Salaries and Wages
CategoryYear 1 Year 2Year 3
Summer Salaries$$ $
Undergraduate$$ $
Doctoral Candidate$ $$
Post-Doctoral$$ $
Technicians and Research Assistants$ $$

Total Salaries and Wages:

CategoryYear 1 Year 2Year 3
domestic$$ $
international$$ $

Total Travel Costs:

CategoryYear 1 Year 2Year 3
hardware purchases$ $$
software purchases$ $$

Total Equipment Costs:

Other Direct Costs
CategoryYear 1 Year 2Year 3
materials$$ $
publication costs$$ $
consultant and advisor fees$ $$
computer services$$ $

Total Direct Costs:

Total Project Budget
CategoryYear 1 Year 2Year 3
Salaries and Wages$ $$
Travel$$ $
Equipment$$ $
Other Direct Costs$ $$
Total Yearly Project Budget:$ $$
Total Project Budget: $

Preliminary Project Budget From Iain Miller

one time costs:

2 project -dedicated servers: $17500

14 x motherboard upgrades to P133 or better$16800

total equipment costs $33800

per annum costs:
half-time graduate assistant ( + tuition remission) $13000
research experience for undergraduate (REU)(15 hr/week) $3500
software, licences, server maintenance, photcopying etc $10000
travel to conferences$ 1000
computer network technician $25000
total per-annum costs$52560

per annum request: $63,770

for 3 years: $157,500

total including one time costs: $191,300

I've kept things to a bare minimum. Direct cost sharing can be claimed with respect to asking for only one half time grad assistantship. Including an REU is correct. I have not asked for any summer salary - if there is room for it in the final budget that would be an extra ~$6000 per annum. If there is no room for it, that can be considered a direct cost share as well. I'm not quite sure about UCs policy on overhead - it tends to change from time to time. I'll find out about that - the last school I was at figured out overhead and applied that as cost sharing.

Preliminary Project Budget From Clark Guest

P.I. Summer Salary 1 month: $7500

Undergraduate Research Assistant 12 months: $10000

Graduate Research Assistant 12 months $25000

Computer Workstation $10000

Travel to Meetings $2500

Materials and Supplies $1000

University Overhead $23000

Total $79000

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