The Virtual Zooarium

The Virtual Zooarium is an expanding set of real-time 3D life-forms,
sketches in speculative biology, implemented through the Adobe Atmosphere player.

Jeffrey Ventrella

Gene Pool and Darwin Pond stand as major contributions to field of ALife

Angels of DaliWorld

The Artificial Angelfish

The "Virtual Ocean" is generated by the whole network environment.
Fish that have swum onto your device from another system come with passports.


New Graphic Tools & Creations from Chaoslab

Cameron McKechnie 's 2001 Creation Chaoslab
Check out the fractal graphics
this toolkit has allowed him to generate:

More from Chaoslab,
a whole visual programming system for creating "unique graphic experiences,"
says Cam.

VRML Creatures

You must download and intall a VRML client to view these creatures
try Cosmo Player from CAI
or Cortona from Parallel Graphics

Airhorse, 3000 Polygons
Hallucigenia in VRML

Karen Marcelo's Jiving Alien (16k wrl)
Karen Marcelo's Dancing Lobster (17k wrl)
Airhorse! (78k VRML 2.0) New Hallucy! (118k plus images)

Nerve Garden: fly through L-System jungle islands in the net

The VRML Ecosystems and Creatures of Ryoichiro Debuchi
see more Digital Biota at his site at Atom.Co

Other Creatures

Tom Ray's June 2000 Paper Aesthetically Evolved Virtual Pets
inspired by Karl Sims' work on evolving virtual creatures.
This is a report on a running system from Tom called "Virtual Life"

See Karl Sims's Blockie Creatures

The Tensegrity Creatures of Fluidiom

The Biomorphs of Life Drop (in French)

The Norns and more from CreatureLabs

Fiddle about with a Constructor Creature

from Soda of London UK

More to come soon!
if you would like your digital biota featured here, contact us

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