Trek to the Burgess Shale in preparation for the Digital Burgess conference
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On June 29, 1997, a special trek to the Burgess Shale was organized by the Burgess Shale Foundation and Parks Canada. This trek was held for the purpose of training the guides who would be leading groups to the Shale in the summer of 1997. Parks Canada took the opportunity to see what the concession holder (the Burgess Shale Foundation) would be presenting and instructed the Foundation guides as to their rights and duties. Bruce Damer, organizer of the Digital Burgess conference, came along to receive training and be better prepared for the upcoming conference on August 29-Sept 1, 1997. Treks to the Shale will be offered to conference attendees on August 30 and on the overflow date of September 2nd.

For a look at another nearby fossil bed, with an extensive collection of Trilobites see the CREWES Mt. Stephen Fossil Bed Trip.

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The Trek Up

Getting instructions at base in Field B.C.

Ascending above Field B.C.

Burgess Shale as seen from Burgess Pass

Trekking along ridge to the Shale

Expert Guidance

Wayne Powell introduces Burgess fauna

Geology lesson

Examining the local Stratigraphy

Guidance along the slippery shale slopes

At the Walcott Quarries of the Burgess Shale

Shale everywhere

Arriving at the Burgess Shale face

Shale face

Closeup view of stratigraphy

Examining a Marella

Found picture perfect Ottoia

Images of Canadaspis

Gentelmen of the Burgess Shale Foundation

Bruce Damer amateur fossil hunter

The Environs of the Shale

View of Emerald Lake from the Shale

Mount Burgess and Walcott Peak

Conference Home