Cambrian Creatures Winner

Swimming Anomalocaris and Lace Crab (Marella)

Anomalocaris shots

The winner of our VRML Cambrian Creatures Competition

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About the winning entry

    Title: Swimming Anomalocaris
    Produced by: Ryoichiro Debuchi (artist)
    Company name: atom co., Ltd. Tokyo 150, Japan
    E-mail contact:
    Phone: 813-5485-1700 fax: 813-5469-5462
Summary of interactive behaviours:

This is a digital Anomalocaris with simple object following AI (artificial intelligence). There are two rocks and six invisible walls in the world (up, down, left, right, front and back) which work as obstacles. There is also a food source (Marella) as the target of the swimming anomalocaris.

Guide to operating the Anomalocaris model (requires Cosmo Player VRML 2.0 Plug-in)

  • Click here to load the VRML scene.
  • Drag and position the obstacles and controls anywhere you like, and sit back to ovserve how the anomalocaris swims around toward its food source (Marella).
  • To control the swimming speed, drag the under lever left to right.
  • To control the elevation of the food, drag the right lever up to down.
  • To ride on the creature, simply click it, or right click and select the viewpoint ANOMALOCARIS or ANOMALOCARIS2.
  • You can also exercise some control over your viewpoint and range of view by slowly moving the rolling ball and/or the zooming lever.
  • To go back the top view, click the ground.
  • When the creature finds out the food, it will be consumed by the front mouthpiece and a new Marella will appear in the scene.

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