Album 4
Album Four: Conference Sessions, August 31-September 1, 1997

Two days of intense conference sessions were held in the Rice TV studio at the Banff Centre. More details on these sessions will be forthcoming on the program pages.

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Scenes from the Conference Sessions

Rajarshi Das beginning his presentation

Chris Winter from BT Labs

Chris Winter

Paul Marrow, BT Labs
How Biology Evolves Large Systems
Looking for Inspiration

Steve Grand demonstrating Creatures

Christian Jacob and Modeling Ecosystems

Christian Jacob with a forest model

Joel Hagen and speculative skulls

Joel Hagen with a skeleton design

Organic and Evolutionary Art
and other Visuals Shown During the Conference

Darrel Anderson facing some outputs of

Views of Steven Rooke's evolutionary artwork

Karl Sims' Genetic Cross Dissolves

Karl Sims' Evolving Creatures

Virtual World in Cyberspace (Bruce Damer)
Built out of 200 Million Polygons by some of 250,000 residents

View of generative Nerve Garden environment (Bruce Damer)

Chris Winter's BT Labs Flocking Fishes

Open Mike Discussions

Attendees in the Rice TV Studio, Banff Centre

Open discussion on Paleontology and Digital tools (Riedel): Plotnick, Gordon, Bengtson, Runnegar

Open discussion on digital evolution: Ray, Sims, Yeager, Terzopoulos

Conference Support Staff

Todd Goldenbaum, conference webmaster

Conference documentary crew at work

Conference Home