Album 3
Album Three: at the Burgess Shale, August 30, 1997

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Arriving at the Walcott Quarry

First group arrives at quarry site

Paleontologist breaks open shale slabs

A fine specimen of Wiwaxia, scales visible

Looking at Burgess Shale Fossils

Tools of the trade

Display collection, note Ottoia wormlike shape

How the shale is worked

Graduate student in field tent

Dialogue about the Burgess Organisms

Des Collins addressing the group

Computer Scientists listening and questioning

Tom Ray and Des Collins discuss Cambrian Explosions against the databank of Burgess organisms

Documenting our Experiences

Christian Jacob and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz

Demetri Terzopoulos and the hoax fossil!

Resident Geologist

Bruce Damer and Tom Ray

Bruce Damer with Desmond Collins

Bruce Damer doing presentation for Discovery crew

Exhausted camera crew

One last shot!

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