Album 2

Album Two: The Trek to the Burgess Shale, August 30, 1997

The Trek to the Burgess Shale was a very special part of the Digital Burgess conference. Randle Robertson of The Burgess Shale Foundation and Desmond Collins of the Royal Ontario Museum served as guides as conference attendees trekked to approximately 8,000 feet (2500 Meters) to the Walcott Quarries of the Burgess Shale. Discover Canada and the Banff Centre send camera crews and reporters caught the rest of the dialogue as conferees examined recent fossil finds with the work crew from the Royal Ontario Museum. This was Des Collins' fifteenth season in the area and his work is currently funded by the National Geographic Society.

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On the Bus at 6:00am!

Bus driver Oliver Rossier with the group at Field, B.C.

Disembarking at Takakkaw Falls

The Trek to the Burgess Shale

Spectacular view of Takakkaw Falls on the way up

Taking pictures of the falls

At Yoho Lake: Karl Sims, Tarik Thami, Demetri Terzopoulos, Darrel Anderson

Discovery crew catching Des for the documentary

Tom Ray on the trail

Des Collins, fitter than most of us!

Gaining Altitude

Spectacular view of waterfalls, glacier

Emerald lake lies below

The first group breaks for lunch

Bill Riedel brings up the Paleo pack

Des Collins pauses to give a geology lesson

Final push to the Walcott Quarry

The Burgess Shale approaches!

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