Album 1

Album One: Opening the Conference, August 29, 1997

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The Opening Reception

The Opening reception and keynote was held in the Margaret Greenham Theatre and featured a welcome by Bruce Damer and Sara Diamond and presentations by Paul Johnston of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Desmond Collins of the Royal Ontario Museum and Randle Robertson of the Burgess Shale Foundation.

Evolutionary art of Steven Rooke

Chris Winter, Ricardo Colasanti, Steve Grand

Conferees with Susan Kennard of the Banff Centre (left)

Paleontologists Bruce Runnegar and Stefan Bengtson

Roy Plotnick with Randle Robertson of the Burgess Shale Foundation

Keynote by Burgess Shale Paleontologist Desmond Collins

Tunnel Mountain Trek

The trek up Tunnel Mountain was held to acclimatize attendees and featured a presentation by artist Teri Reub on the Way to the Burgess Shale.

Karl Sims arrives just in time!

At the top of Tunnel Mountain above Banff

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