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From the early 1980s, the field of artificial life ('ALife') has developed through experimentation and inter-disciplinary collaboration. ALife includes such areas as cellular automata, digital organisms and evolutionary art.

Natural life exhibits an amazing variety of properties such as structure (squid vs squirrel vs oak-tree), reproductive strategy (ape vs yeast), diet (methane-eating bacteria vs cows), size (elephant vs vole), social-structure (bee vs polar bear), and many, many more.

Biota@Home ('B@H') wishes to promote advanced forms of ALife, that will go further towards capturing the whole character of natural life, while not necessarily mimicking it. Recent advances in computation and networking, allow a new perspective on this work.

B@H proposes the term artificial nature ('ANat') for this new field. B@H also recognise the enormous computer resources required for such activities, and therefore propose a distributed computing approach. B@H simulations scattered between the spare CPU cycles of thousands of volunteers' machines all over the world.

B@H has no special bias on the style of simulation for these artificial environments. Very highly abstract, simplistic but lifelike, or intricately detailed approaches are equally acceptable. B@H simulated environments need not necessarily resemble conditions on Earth, or even the reality of physics in the Universe.

B@H project is also about connecting ANat users to share their use over the Internet. This shared use will improve the user experience and create an immediate community of like-minded users. Developers will benefit from a community of users and a shared community of developers working with B@H.

B@H is a sub-project of Biota.org designed to;

  • Encourage existing ALife developers to contribute actively to a new ANat projects,

  • Inspire other developers to get involved with existing projects or create their own,

  • Motivate existing ALife users to explore new ANat projects and form communities of users over the Internet,

  • Captivate new users to get involved with ANat projects, and,

  • Challenge theorists, journalists, philosophers and hobbyists to explore the potential of ANat.

    For more information on B@H read the draft white paper for B@H due for launch early June;


    To join the B@H mailing list;


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